We provide caring, dignified, high quality, and reliable cremation services for pets. We specialize in private pet cremations with timely turn around from pick up to delivery from your local veterinary clinic. All of our cremations are guaranteed to surpass your expectations. Pet owners are always welcome to schedule a time to tour the crematorium or drop off your pet at our facility.

If the time has come for you to make arrangements for your pet, be assured that PetReflections will help you reflect back on the great memories that you and your pet shared. The caring staff at PetReflections will be available to help you and your pet through the entire cremation process.


That special relationship between people and their pets defies explanation. When a pet passes on, a trusting companion is lost. It is during this time of grief that pet owners are called upon to make arrangements for their animal friend. Here at PetReflections, we will treat your pet with dignity and take care of your beloved pets after death.

As pet owners ourselves we realize the importance in assuring our customers that your pet will be safely returned. We utilize numbered stainless steel identification tags that accompany your animal through the entire process. The number on the ID tag coincides with the number on the information tag that has the owner and their pet’s information. You will have both the information tag and matching ID tag returned to you with the remains of your pet.

PetReflections offers several levels of cremation. We are available for questions that will help you as a pet owner decide the best level that suits you and your pet. Whichever level of cremation you choose for your pet, PetReflections highly recommends ordering a handcrafted ceramic paw print of your pet's paw.


With a Reserved Private, your pet will be gently placed in the crematory by themselves only. We will carefully gather the cremains and they will be returned to you in a velvet bag which comes in three different colors; Blue, Burgundy, or Black. Then the cremains will be placed inside of a complimentary high quality wood urn of your choice (Alder, Cedar, Redwood or Maple) accompanied by a remembrance card. You will also receive a Ceramic Paw Print of your pet to cherish forever. Other types and styles of urns are available for an additional fee. Please refer to our urn section.

For those pet owners who would like to witness us place your pet inside the crematory, we would be happy to accommodate your special needs. This option is available for Private or Reserved Private Cremations. Please have your veterinarian make an appointment.

Private Cremations

Each pet will be gently placed in the crematory and individually cremated with other pets. Pets will be sectioned off and kept separated from one another with a wall of high temperature fire bricks, assuring only your pets cremains will be safely returned to you. We utilize an I.D. tag system which follows your pet through the whole process and is included within the cremains. Then the cremains will be placed inside of a complimentary high quality wood urn of your choice (Alder, Cedar, Redwood or Maple) accompanied by a remembrance card. We suggest the purchase of a velvet bag to place your pet's cremains inside. Please refer to our urn section to view additional types and styles of urns that are available for an additional fee.

Whichever type of cremation you choose, we highly recommend ordering a handcrafted ceramic Pet Paw Print of your animal friend to cherish forever.

General Group Cremations

Group cremation is for pet owners who want their pet taken care of in a gentle manner, cremated with other pets and not have any cremains returned to them.

Ceramic paw prints

Our Paw Prints are a permanent remembrance of your cherished pet and the impressions they made in your hearts. PetReflection Paw Prints are hand crafted and hand painted with care and tenderness from start to finish. Each Paw Print is made from your pet’s paw impression which is what makes them so unique. Available for Dogs, Cats, Birds, Reptiles and Exotic Pets. Paw Prints are available with either private or group cremations.




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